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Adejo is a brand that was created on the basis of freedom, enthusiasm and love for culture. And with every design we create at Adejo we look to express freedom and liberation for all of man kind..
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is a ready-to-wear, Lifestyle Afrocentric Brand; which focuses on making affordable, stylish African inspired Pieces available to women of every shape and style preference. All the pieces are contemporary styles uniquely designed with specially selected Ankara fabrics. The vibrancy and uniqueness of each piece ensure the SGTCCLOTHING woman is the center stage wherever she goes.
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Jane Michael @janemichaelcollection is a premium fashion brand with a capacity for unraveling fashion - related problems. With the best use of homegrown quality of materials and creativity, the brand specializes in couture, bespoke and premium ready-to-wear outfits with fine lines and clean cuts. As part of a movement to revolutionize the world of fashion, the Jane Michael brand caters to the woman who is fashionably aware and thoroughly enjoys being part of style conversations..
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