5 Common Deodorant Mistakes You Should Stop Making

By Evelyn Ohoilei

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Everybody seems to know what to do with deodorants but knowing what NOT to do is as important as the former. Application of deodorants is a common daily routine you always engage in to keep the bad smell away.

Smelling nice is as important as dressing nicely. No one cares to give a second look at what you are putting on if getting close to you could contaminate their sense of smell.

It’s not just okay to possess deodorants with the nice smell, there are common mistakes people make that do not give them the best of what they have. I’ll run through five.

Antiperspirants are not deodorants

Not everything applied under your arm is deodorant. Be aware that there is a difference between antiperspirants and deodorants. Antiperspirants reduce sweat while deodorants reduce the stink. You need to understand that one will not do the work of another. Getting an antiperspirant will not neutralize odour.  So, when next you go shopping for your personal stuff, do not forget this.

Avoid applying immediately after shaving

To avoid irritation, be careful not to use your deodorants right after your shaving session especially if the product contains higher alcohol content.

Applying only in the mornings

The general opinion is that deodorants are applied only in the morning. Another great option is applying it in the evening, just before bed. Deodorants and antiperspirants work best when your sweat ducts are less active. At night, the deodorant has the time to fight bacteria and kill body odour.

Using the wrong products

What suits Mr. A may not be suitable for Mr. B. This simply means you should take into consideration your skin type before choosing any product. You should be aware of your skin issues, that is, what your skin reacts to. Go for mild, alcohol-free products.

Spraying on your clothes

I have seen people who prefer to apply deodorants on their clothes. Deodorants are designed to kill odour causing bacteria on your SKIN, so spraying it on your clothes won’t serve the purpose. Instead, you will just end up ruining those beautiful clothes of yours.





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