A Rebellious Protester Stormed The Louis Vuitton Runway At Paris Fashion Week

By Chichi Azozie

Louis Vuitton

On Tuesday, Oct. 5, Louis Vuitton showcased its Spring 2022 collection to close out Paris Fashion Week — but with an uninvited guest. In a video post on The Business of Fashion Instagram page, a protestor or crashed the runway show holding a banner that read “Overconsumption = Extinction,” condemning the fashion industry’s wasteful practices on behalf of several France’s activist groups, including Les Amis de la TerreYouth For Climate FranceExtinction Rebellion France.


In the video, it showed the protester disrupting the Louis Vuitton show. The 40-second clip showed  the woman walking down the runway, stopping in front of the photography pit

In another video, it showed how she was wrestled to the ground and carried off the premises by show security. The dark music playing in the background creepily matched the unexpected situation.

The group recently tweeted their objections to ‘excess’ in the fashion industry writing that French President Macron needed to ‘act now’.  ‘It is urgent to ACT to reduce our carbon emissions!

‘The fashion industry accounts for up to 8.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. ‘Now the @Gouvernement had opportunities to adopt ambitious regulations on this sector…but did nothing,’ they said.

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