Beauty Secrets to Learn From Instagram Pro MUAs

By Chichi Azozie










Instagram is booming with makeup artists that are showing us new ways to use ‘the brushes’. The trends never stop. Though we may be good ourselves, it takes a professional to sculpt a face to the tiniest detail to create an exceptional look. It goes all the way, from new colour pallettes to new ways to apply our lipsticks.

Here are the lessons we have taken so far:

The Nude Look

Especially for everyday work and casual look. You don’t need to be loud all the time. A look like this is evident that you don’t have to be all coloured up to make a statement. Thank you Venita Akpofure, lesson learnt.










A Hint of Colour

See out how Rubyzainbeauty added a hint of colour for when we don’t want to be completely nude. We love the subtle way she created an illusion yet very visible colour to the eyes.










A Touch of Shimmers

This trend has been around but Brownmelaninmakeup took it to a whole new level. This is simply cute. A good way to pop up your face without trying.










A Blend of Palettes

For the times you want to draw lots of attention to your face, Makeup by Igho shows us what to do. The blend of colours is a hit. The lined lips and the well-blended colour-free face made the eye shadows pop and the centre of attraction.










A Touch of Bright Colours

This look is mostly seen in Asoebi and bridesmaid makeup. Most times, the colour compliment the outfit but that does not mean that it is the only way to wear this look. There is always room to explore and try it out on your own but Ariyike_mua did it to perfection.










Lots of Highlights

Blark diamond beauty proved that the best way to make a face pop is using the right blend of highlights at the right places. It slightly changes the shape of your face and gives a 3D effect when you move your face around. This looks is so soft and feminine and can work for almost every event.










Red Lipstick is still it

The bold, dauntless red is feminine and still look great, yet daring and powerful. SlimReshae showed us that wearing red lips can make a person look younger and more attractive all the time.

makeup artists










Bold Colour Trends

This is super flattery if they are well done like this look from Yanga beauty. If they are not well done, they look a mess. The key to achieving this bold colour trend is to use complementary colours eg, pink and blue as seen. Other complementary colours to try are red and black but again, it depends largely on the shade of your skin so bear that in mind.

make up artists










The artistic style

This look is not for amateurs. You must have tried your hands on the face for quite some time and proven to be a real artist to be able to pull off this look like Jojostouch did it with ease and it looks absolutely amazing.

make up artists










Nude Lips for a natural look

Contouring at its best. Kim Kardashian popularized this trend and it’s been around ever since. With contouring, you’re creating depth to make the angles of your face pop more. It creates the illusion of a shadow and shadows is not the same as shimmer. This look by Rios_mua is beautiful and worthy of emulating.










Which of these looks are you trying? Let us know in the comment. Check out our best dressed of the week too.

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