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BeeBee Couture is a fashion brand that produces trendy, Afrocentric and contemporary clothing and fashion accessories. They started as a RTW brand but later rebranded sometime in August 2020. There are different aspects of the brand which includes bulk production for other brands and companies (BeeBee Mass Production) and their Handmade fashion accessories (BeeBee Designs). They have created and produced over 20 different designs within a year of being in business and sold their designs both locally and internationally.

We had a chat with Blessing Idoko, the Creative Director of the brand to get all the juicy details on her and her brand.










See our interview with the beautiful designer below:


Tell us your name and the name of your brand.

Blessing: My name is Blessing Idoko Omada aka Blessing Bosschick and my brand’s name is BeeBee Couture.

What is your background in fashion?

Blessing: I have always loved fashion right from when I was a kid and I dreamt of owning my own fashion Empire. I started learning how to sew from friends that could in school and then in 2018 I decided I was gonna go fully into the fashion biz. Trained for a short period early 2019 cos I couldn’t afford to pay for a long period though on the other hand I just wanted to know some basics because I decided I won’t be doing most of the sewing.
And here we are today.

Did you study fashion because it was something you have always wanted to do?

Blessing: Yes. Although like I said earlier it was only for a short period. I continued learning on my own via YouTube and other online classes (both free and paid classes)

Tell us about your brand.

Blessing: BeeBee Couture is a fashion brand that produces and sell beautiful, unique and trendy Afrocentric and Contemporary Clothing and other fashion accessories. BeeBee is gotten from my nickname Blessing Bosschick. So in full, it is BLESSING BOSS CHICK COUTURE. We started off as an Afrocentric RTW brand but later rebranded sometime in August this year 2020. We also have different aspects of the brand like our bulk production for clothing brands, companies, bands etc.(BeeBee Mass Production) and our Handmade fashion accessories (BeeBee Designs). We have so far created and produced over 20 beautiful designs in the space of 1 year and sold them home and abroad. It’s funny how my clothes are in the USA, Germany, South Africa etc. and I’ve not crossed any border 😂. We are over a year now and we grow every day

What makes your brand different from other fashion brands?

BeeBee Couture is special and unique in its own way. We are an affordable brand with beautiful designs that makes you stylish in a unique way.

Who is/are your role model/s in this business?

Blessing: My role models at the moment are Adetoke Oluwo and OLARSLIM. These two powerful women are just so special and I love them.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Blessing: I see my brand gaining international recognition. I see us as the new Naija Zara 😁

Which advice will you give someone who is just starting out in this business?

Be consistent and intentional. Don’t give up. Be open to learning new things.  Always research.

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For further enquiries and to patronise the Bee Couture Brand, kindly see their contact below:

Brand Name: BeeBee Couture

Instagram: beebeecoutureng Facebook: BeeBee Couture

Phone number: +2349013587677
Address- Lagos: 3, Admiralty Street, Greenville Estate, Badore, Ajah.
Ibadan: Shop 182, Albarka shopping complex, Bodija, Ibadan.

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