Emerging Fashion Brands to Know: The 1964 Brand

By Chichi Azozie

The 1964 brand is a lifestyle brand that promotes self-care through minimalist clothing. Founded by Olakunmi Maryam, the brand was inspired by a woman named Felly, who happened to be the founder’s mom. All the creations are inspired by Felly’s easy style.

Comfortable, chic. stylish, and cool are words to describe this brand. No wonder it is called “The Easy Brand”. We had a chat with the brand’s CEO and here is what she has to say:

Tell us about yourself

My name is Olakunmi Maryam. I am a graduate of Economics and live in Lagos. I also own a waste management company here in Lagos called Yetlaw Environmental services.

Tell us about your brand

1964 exists to create ease through clothing for the modern woman. 1964 was birthed as a tribute to my mum Yetunde Felicia Oni popularly called Felly. The clothes we create in 1964 are inspired by her lifestyle of self-care, ease, and comfort. We exist to create ease through clothing for the modern woman.

What is your highest achievement in this career so far?

Getting our brand featured on Lagos Fashion Week XRETAIL event and being one of the top sellers and also getting featured on Google’s Small Business Stories on Tayo Aina’s Youtube Channel.

What is your background in fashion?

I attended fashion school during my Nysc where I learned pattern drafting and fashion brand management.

What makes your brand different from the other fashion brands?

1964 is a slow fashion brand. We put comfort above glamour.

What are your goals and aspiration for the next 5 years?

To be recognized globally for creating a lifestyle of ease. I see a future where women embrace more comfort over glamour and style, where women put themselves first, where women push themselves beyond limits and build themselves.

Tell us your brand story (How you started and where you are so far)

The name 1964 was inspired by my mum who was born that year. The entire brand was created to honor her memory as she was the one that encouraged me to start the brand and gave me all the resources I needed to start off when I was fresh out of Uni and I couldn’t get a job.

Have you heard of Fashions Finest Africa?

No, I haven’t.

What advice will you give someone who is just starting out in your line of business?

Start small, cut costs, try to take on as many side hustles as possible so you can fund your business.

Share your social media handles with us

Phone number: +2348141508159

Instagram: @1964.brand

Email address: wecare@the1964brand.com

Website: www.the1964brand.com/

Here are pictures of The 1964 Brand products. Please reach out and support her.


Whatever your taste of comfortable clothing is, 1964 should be your first stop. You can shop her products at https://the1964brand.com/

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