Fashion Tips to Learn from Serwaa Amihere

By Chichi Azozie

Serwaa Anihmere










Serwaa Amihere is a Ghanaian broadcast journalist and news presenter who currently works with GHOne TV. She won the Television Female Newscaster of the Year Award at the 2018 Radio and Television Personality Awards. She is the host of Cheers, a weekend sports show telecast on GHOne TV.

She is known for her beautiful face, curvy body and her serious sense of style. Today, we will be learning some tips from the fashion icon. Check it out.

You should know your body type

This is very important, otherwise you’ll just about anything. From our close observation of Serwaa’s Fashion style, we can tell she understands her body type and wears only a few things that suits her. She has a pear shape. The Pear shape is characterised by large hips which are wider than the bust and shoulders. Serwaa is known to wear only clothing that accentuates her body shape especially fitted dresses.











You need a Lil black dress

Black dresses are always in style and always good fashion. See how these fashionistas have styled their black dresses. Once a symbol of mourning but now a fashion statement. A black dress gives the body a slim look, frames the face, hides imperfect tailoring and some flawed body features.  This is a must have when you need to make an impression. Serwaa shows us how to do it.

Serwaa fashion










When in doubt, wear red

When you are in the mood for colours but don’t know which is suitable. Red is a go-to. Serwaa has been spotted wearing red dresses on several occasions. She exudes confidence, power and attractiveness. It is surely a way to get noticed. Whether it’s a dress or a red lipstick, Red will surely draw the nice kind of attention to you.

Serwaa Anihmere










Body grooming is a must

Your pretty dress and makeup is a waste if you are not properly groomed. To be groomed means to be well kept. Your hair, fingernail, teeth needs to be clean. Your armpit should be shaved. You need to be wearing a good perfume.  These are slight things that people easily notice about a fashionable woman. See how to be properly groomed as a woman. Serwa seems to be on top of her game on this one.

Fashion tips for Serwaa Anihmere










Your confidence says it all

This comes naturally when you know you look great. this is why it is important to clothes that you like and fits you. Confidence is not hidden. to improve on this, make sure you take care of your clothes by washing and ironing them properly. Make sure you always show up as your best self.

Serwaa Fashion










Nudes are good investments

Be it a lipstick, a dress or a shoe. However you choose to wear it, a few guidelines to follow is this: For an office or meeting, you need to think more professional. Go for a fitted pencil dress in a darker, camel shade of nude. Match your shoes to your dress for a super slimming effect! A skinny belt will look amazing on your pencil dress as well. Go for a shiny finish on the belt and shoes, too much matte will wash you out. Dangly earrings will pull this outfit right together. We absolutely love this look on Serwaa.

Serwaa Anihmere










Know your best feature and show it off

Serwaa is big on this one. This is one of the main secrets of her attractiveness. It lies in the way she properly emphasizes her body and her silhouette. It’s not always easy to dress with taste and style without losing one’s individuality, especially if you don’t take into consideration your body type. For some of us, it may not be our curvy body, it may be your legs or boobs or even your smile but there is always something about each of us that distinguishes us from the rest. Find that feature and always bring it forward.










Ankara for a fashionista

A black woman that does not wear Ankara is missing out. the rich colours can almost be said to be made for the melanin skin. It is suitable for every occasion ranging from work, church, meetings and even a night out with bae. Here are cute ways that Serwaa has rocked hers.

Fashion tips from Serwaa Anihmere










Athleisure is becoming a trend again

Speaking of athleisure, Ivy Park is the latest. Check it out. Serwaa has shown us a cute way to rock this trend to work and or when the dress code said dressy-casual. We are absolutely love it.

Fashion tips from Serwaa Anihmere










Let one colour pop at a time

Yes, we are in for colour blocks but we love how Serwaa does hers. She has a way of wearing and matching her colours with other colours seen in this picture. We think it’s cool and matured.

Serwaa Anihmere










Which of Serwaa’s styles do you love and which will you replicate. Let us know in the comment.

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