The Right Way To Make And Use The Beauty Trend On TikTok: Rice Water

By Chichi Azozie


rice water

Lately Tiktok has been buzzing with endless miracles and testimonies of rice water by users. Should beauty brands be worried because who needs cosmetics with never-ending ingredients lists when our kitchens are full of miracle ingredients? That’s something to wonder about when spotting the latest beauty tips on TikTok. After frozen cucumbers and sugar hair removal, the latest trend is rice water, which users of the social network are crazy about, for its benefits for hair. So what are you waiting for? To your kitchens!  But before that, let’s talk about how it all started.

Using rice water to strengthen and beautify hair isn’t new. It dates back to the ancient Heian Period. Trusted Source in Japan when court ladies were known to have beautiful, long hair that draped to the floor. Their secret was rice water.

Fascinated by this hair treatment, scientists and beauty lovers alike were curious and tried to find out if rice water can really beautify and strengthen hair. Studies have found that inositol, an ingredient found in rice water, is able to penetrate damaged hair and repair it from the inside out. It even protects hair from future damage.

One of the best parts about this beauty product is that it’s so easy to make. All you need is rice and water. But to be honest, the “hardest” part of this beauty trend is remembering to take the rice water into your shower, and evenly applying it to your hair. But don’t worry, Here is a great method you can try.

How to use rice water on your hair

What you need:

  • 1 cup rice
  • 1 cup water

How to make it:

  1. Wash your rice to remove any dirt or impurities that you don’t want to apply to your hair.
  2. Mix the strained rice in a medium-sized bowl with water. You should mix until the water becomes pretty cloudy.
  3. Strain the rice, this time reserving the water. Store the rice for later, or cook it up!
  4. Put the rice water in a plastic container and cover it. Let the rice water sit at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours. This allows it to ferment and all of the yummy vitamins and minerals to come out. Tip: Don’t let it sit for over 24 hours. I let my first batch of rice water sit for two days (I had forgotten to take it into the shower with me), and it went bad.
  5. Refrigerate the rice water until you’re ready to use it.
  6. Fill a small container, like a travel-sized shampoo bottle or a small jar, with rice water for application. Keep the rest in your fridge.

It’s not easy to pour rice water out of a big container and onto your hair though. Just don’t forget to take the small container out of the shower and back to the fridge when you’re done!

The rice water should be kept in the fridge for up to a week, so you have plenty of time to reap the awesome hair benefits.

How to use it:

You won’t need to change your washing schedule around your rice water rinse — simply use it after shampooing and conditioning, whether that’s once a day or once a week.

When applying the rice water, try to really focus in on your scalp and work your way out. Let it sit for two to five minutes, and then rinse. You’ll probably notice immediately how strong and thick your hair feels.

So now, are you joining this trend or nay? Let us know in the comment.

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