How To Take Care Of Your Designer Bags And Make Them Last Long

By Chichi Azozie

A designer bag will take you places, for many years to come. It is the crème de la crème of wardrobe basics. It adds a nice flair to your appearance. It’s like your little friend and holds many of your important everyday things – your lipstick, purse, credit cards, passport, fragrance, phone, notebook, business cards, and so on.

A designer bag is defined by:

The Quality – They are made of high-end materials.

The Price – They usually cost much more than the average bags.

The durability – They are made to last very long

The design – They are timeless in design and in trend too.

The versatility – They can be dressed up and down depending on the occasion.

If your bags meet these criteria, this is how you can take care of them to make them last longer.

  • Put it at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. If you have the original box, store it inside. If not, the dust bag will do as well. You want to keep the bag covered at all times when it’s not in use. Never store it hanging by the handles or the strap. Don’t store it empty, stuff it with some plain tissue paper, air pockets, or bubble wrap, but be sure not to overstuff it. This will help maintain the shape
  • Make sure that when you use your valuable pieces, you treat them carefully. When putting bags away, it is important that they are emptied out and stuffed with something soft, such as a small pillow, bubble wrap, or tissue paper. If the piece came with a dust bag and box, store the bag in its original packaging. Otherwise, a soft pillowcase will do.”
  • Keep it away from the heat and rain. Store it with padding to avoid deformation. And of course, when it comes to repairing, take it to a professional or better still, address the brand workshops if they are close so that your bag remains authentic.
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