Team Natural Hair

By Evelyn Ohoilei

Hey teammate, are you ready to begin your journey to getting your hair as natural as it can be? It’s not an easy task neither is it an impossible one. All you need to know is that your hair has become your new lover. You should be ready to shower it with care, love, and invest in the right products.

Throwback to when I started my journey, it seemed impossible and I got frustrated even before I took the first step. Every combing session seemed like I was on a mission to bring out my brainstem. However, with the application of simple tips that I’ll share with you here, it felt like I won a major battle.

So, let’s get to it.

Getting your hair products
We know a natural black hair is a very sensitive hair type and one needs to be careful especially if you are on this journey from chemically-treated hair to team natural. The first important thing to consider is what you feed your hair with. Naturals should go with naturals. Ensure you go for hair care products with natural ingredients.  Go for vegetable oils such as coconut oil, carrot oil,   or jojoba oil. Shea butter and castor oil are also pro-natural and will work great for your hair

Daily care
The hair needs food daily to avoid ‘malnourishment’.  The natural hair due to its texture easily gets dry. Hence, your hair should be moistured daily to avoid hair breakage. You also should take combing session more seriously. Twice daily will give your hair a smooth look.  However, use a wide-tooth comb to avoid breakage.

Bedtime Care
Yes, your new lover deserves some bedtime care. When going to bed at night, don’t leave out your hair. Make it into knots or big braids.

Avoid Heat
Avoid hairstyles that expose your hair to heat all the time. Heat weakens the hair.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
A natural hair is good but a healthy, long, natural one is better. This is why you should live healthy; eat healthy, exercise regularly, sleep well etc. All these affect the state of your hair too. The look of your hair announces how healthy you are.

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