Adding An Edge To Your Look With Scarves

By Evelyn Ohiolei

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“Oya cover head, it’s time for prayers” my mum would always remind me. I grumbled as I did not understand why I can’t have my prayers without the scarf. As a child, I got the feeling that scarves are meant for the head and only for religious purposes. You want to know a devoted Christian sister, check her head and the Muslim faithfuls won’t even dare leave their heads uncovered.

Let’s fast forward to present day, my hatred for scarves has vanished and my love for those pieces of clothing can’t be quantified. I can’t go on any outfit without a scarf to complement my looks. Scarves tied on your heads, around the neck, on the shoulder, hung around your bag just gives you that stylish look. They just dress up any look while providing limitless styling possibilities.

One thing I love about scarves, you don’t have to dress overly expensive to make a fashion statement.










From Cotton Scarves which are the most common and the most versatile of all types of scarves to Chiffon Scarves, Silk Scarves, Cashmere Scarves, Pashmina Scarves, Velvet Scarves, Wool Scarves or Net Scarves, they are a must-have for your closet and guess what, you can never have too many of this adorable clothing accessory.

And did I hear someone say “Scarves are a woman’s accessory”? Don’t be naive. Men’s use of scarf dates back to many years ago when pilots wore a silk scarf around their neck to keep warm. So you know, the scarf is also a great manly accessory.










I know exactly what to do with scarves, reason I have a closet full of them but what I’ll do without them, still remains unknown. It is simply ‘awe-mazing’ how a piece of clothing can have different functions.

Asides the fact that they give warmth during cold weather, scarves also shield your skin from the scorching sun when you have to step out in the hot afternoon and these doesn’t disturb its ‘fashion-friendly’ attribute.

Whether you drape the scarf around your neck, tie a knot with it or wrap it around your shoulders, you’d still make a fantastic casual style with it.


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