Choosing the right outfit for a job interview

By Evelyn Ohiolei

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Thinking about what to wear for an interview can be frustrating and having a wrong first impression shouldn’t even cross the mind. Who would want that anyway? considering what they say about first impressions; “they last longer, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

I mean it’s possible to know the perfect outfit for that party or hangout but presenting yourself in a formal setting for a job interview can be so much of a big deal.

You walk into the interview room and the first thing your prospective employer notices is how you dress! You don’t have to say a word or demonstrate anything before he makes his conclusion. So, often people ask the question, “what do I wear for an interview?”

I’ll tell you the first piece of clothing you can ever think of putting on when it comes to an interview is confidence, then others follow. You must be very confident in whatever you are putting on. Trust me when I say your prospective employer notices that about you. You don’t want him thinking you lack self-confidence.

Another thing you need to note when choosing what to wear for an interview is comfortability. Always put on clothes that make you comfortable. If you are not comfortable on heels, I suggest you don’t put them on at all rather than using them and falling like the ‘big wall of Jericho’.

Also, you do not wear revealing clothes or skimpy wear to an interview, it’s not a party. You must dress professionally for an interview and skimpy wears do not depict professionalism. Accessories are nice but keep them in minimal use. Don’t give your prospective employer the notion that you are going for a birthday bash after the interview.

Colour is an important factor in dressing. If you want to slay professionally, don’t end up being a clown. Shouty colors are mostly not advised in a professional setting but if they must be used, combine them nicely with darker colors.

Additionally, brush your teeth properly before going for an interview. I know you will want to ask what that has got to do with dressing for an interview but honestly ‘killing” your prospective employer with bad breath is totally a bad idea. Don’t make them uncomfortable talking to you. Also, nails must be neatly trimmed, and hair neatly made.

Lastly, wear deodorant but do not overdo it. You don’t want to smell overpowering or worse, causing an allergic reaction.

If your intended outfit for that job interview fits the above, then Bonne chance!

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