Angie Bee Shows a Routine to Stick By If You Want To Grow your Hair in 2022

By Chichi Azozie

Angie Bee

Angie Bee is a popular vlogger and content creator who teaches people how to optimize hair growth and hair health. If that is your thing, you should consider following her on the social media.

So straight to the point: As we are just starting a new year, it may be a new opportunity for us to be a better version of ourselves, and our hair care routine is the perfect place to start. Whether you’ve been over retouching or overusing your heat-styling tools or opting for high-tension hairstyles that breaks your hair, now is the time to make some resolutions for a healthier hair. From washing with lukewarm water to embracing the natural texture that you won’t ditch by the end of January. Your hair mistakes are all in yesterday’s news now. Dive into a new and proven routine as advised by Angie Bee.

Watch the video:

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