Jin Xing Is The New Face Of Dior’s Luxury Fragrance, J’Adore

By Chichi Azozie

Jin Xing

LVMH-owned Dior Beauty has named Chinese transgender celebrity Jin Xing as the new ambassador for its J’adore fragrance.

Xin Jing

The fifty-three years old is a former male ballerina, choreographer, actress, founder, and artistic director of the contemporary dance company Shanghai. She is also a famous transgender celebrity and was the first person in China to publicly undergo a gender change surgery. This took place in 1995 and caused major turmoil in China at the time.

Jin Xing is known for her sharp tongue, which delivered fierce remarks on the Chinese version of  “So You Think You Can Dance” in 2013 and her own successful chat show “The Jin Xing Show” from 2015 to 2017.

However, she also overcame great personal difficulties in her journey to become a woman and mother of three adopted children and is widely regarded as an independent pioneer.

She appeared in a video for the brand, opening up about her doubts when she transitioned from male to female and encouraging women to be independent.

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