This Ultra Modern Duo Captivated Rihanna And Ended Up In Her Campaign

By Chichi Azozie

You must be super good at your games to feature in Rihanna’s campaign. Ahmad Kanu and Rahquise Bowen didn’t see it coming. They were living their lives and loving what they do when Rihanna noticed them and bam, they were in her first Savage X Fenty Pride campaign ever.


Rihanna Fenty

The New york-based Duo are full-time content creators and models. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they first got an email from her. Kanu said the first thing he did was call his mom.

Taking a look at what they do, it was easy to see why Rihanna was a fan. They are both fashion enthusiastic, to the core. They have a very polished and admirable style.“Our styles are based on our moods and the occasion, We both don’t mind trying new things and thinking outside the box.” says Bowen

They recalled how they met on Tinder. “We hit it off right off the bat on our first date,” says Kanu. They shared a lot of things in common. Same birthday and the same line of work.

Kanu and Bowen have established a career together by collaborating on various fashion projects and shoots. They are always on the go and being a couple was the major reason they always have each other to bring along.

They mentioned Rihanna as their forever style icon. To them, being on her radar was a dream come true, and the thoughtful shoot concept made it all that much more memorable. “Rihanna inspires me to be free and expressive,” says Bowen. “There are no limits to fashion: I do whatever I want, unapologetically. My confidence makes anything I wear look fire.”

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