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ChyAzozie is a contemporary women’s wear brand that is based in Abuja, Nigeria. Founded by the delectable blogger and entrepreneur, Chisom Azozie in 2016. The brand caters to the fashion needs of a modern city woman. It makes use of African prints and other fine fabrics sourced here in Nigeria to tailor unique and fun pieces for her clientele. Its product line is both Ready to Wear and Bespoke.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Chisom. I am a native of Anambra State, Nigeria. I am the second of 6 children born to my parents. I love fashion. I love to write and I love to explore life.

Tell us about your brand, your story and how it”s going so far?

I have always loved fashion as a little girl. When I was little, I wanted my hair and my clothes to be in a certain way which always amazed my mom and other adults around.

When I was about to graduate from school ( I studied dental technology), I knew I wanted to work in fashion anyhow. While I was interning at UATH, I enrolled in a fashion school at the same time. After school, when a good job was not forthcoming, I had to start up something on my own and that was when I started my business. Though there was no definition when I started, it was sewing mostly, the definitions and brand building came with experience and time. I realised what I wanted to do and the kind of women I wanted to dress with time. So I’m on that part now, still evolving and growing but definitely not where I used to be.

Tell us about ur background in fashion?

I studied fashion design in a reputable fashion school here in Nigeria after which I proceeded to learn more skills in a local tailor shop. I start my business not long afterwards. I have worked with reputable fashion brands like Cynthia Abila and Asa stitches.  This has availed me a lot with a lot of experiences to run my business now.

What makes your brand different from the others?

My brand is different in terms of my brand’s identity. A ChyAzozie piece is easily spotted because of it’s chic and modern style. It is an easy appeal to a classy woman who lets her fashion speak for her.

Who is your role model/s in this business?

My role models are Chanel and Michelle Nganhou of GrassFields.

What are your goals and aspirations for the next 5 years?

My goals are to grow brand awareness, increase reach and get at least 5 stockists here in Nigeria and 2 abroad with reputable retail organisations within the next 5 years while my aspiration is to ensure that the brand becomes a household name just like Chanel in Nigeria and Africa at large.

What advice will you give someone who is just starting out in this line of business?

For everyone who is starting up in this line of business, you need to have a real passion for it. There are lots of challenges especially when you are just starting out but only your passion can carry you through. You also need to be patient with growth. It’s not a rush. It’s a career that is built over time.

Have you heard of Fashions Finest Africa before?


If yes, what do you know about us?

It’s a platform that portrays African fashion while encouraging and supporting upcoming designers.

Say a word to our FFA readers?

Hello FFA readers, pls support my brand by buy from us. Thank u. I love you all

What is your highest achievement in your career so far?

My highest achievement so far is being a moderator for the Creative Hustle by the British Council and being part of the Creative Enterprise Support Program last year, 2020.

Where does your inspiration to create and design come from?

My inspiration comes from trends and other designers mostly.





































You can contact ChyAzozie Inspired with the following details below.

Brand NameChyazozie Inspired

Website –         www.chyazozie.com

Instagram –   @chyazozie inspired

Facebook –     @chyazozieint

Phone no –    +2348076707914

Address –       B158 Unity Drive Penthouse Estate, Lugbe, Abuja, Nigeria

We can say Chisom is doing well and we wish her and her brand the best




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