Fashion Culture

By Evelyn Ohiolei

Think back to the 80’s and 90’s, what comes to your mind when you think of fashion in those times? Probably the afro look, boot cut jeans, not-so-stylish gowns, nothing-near-creative makeup? Yes, you guessed right. Most times, when you hear that a style is not fashionable, it probably didn’t make people’s jaws drop. Now think about the fashion of this century, your head is likely to get lost among the popular trends. The culture of fashion is innovation.

Fashion as an art is not just about assembling the right fashion pieces, it is about using the pieces as a tool to make a statement. Consciously or not, we use fashion to project our individuality. For fashion enthusiasts, it is more than celebrating our individuality, it’s a business. As the culture of fashion is to be innovative, therefore fashion has to constantly change as the world culture changes.

What seem to be the ugliest fashion trend now can become a popular trend in future. What people termed “Old-school” style can become the most acceptable fashion trend for new generation.

With this on mind, two factors never get lost. It is forever in fashion.

One of them is regional culture. It is pretty obvious that cultures of a region influences fashion. Some things are so cultural that they never go out of trend. For instance, the adire(tie and dye) that originates from the western part of Nigeria. Fashion designers like Micheal kors has used the tie and dye fabrics in their runway collection. It doesn’t seem to be ever going out of style. Also fashion designers in places like Qatar will not design clothes that are against the dressing norms in the society.

The second factor that is never misplaced in the culture of fashion is the fusion of the environment in style. No matter how innovative we get, a winter fashion collection is different from a summer collection. A beach wear won’t make a fashion statement during winter, creativity and artistry does not bother the lines. It’s culture for fashion designers to promote the seasons in their collection, the colors of fruit and vegetables of the season makes their collection never out of fashion. It’s from the logic that people tend to connect with the color of the natural elements; the cloudless blue of the sky, the green of the earth, etc.

The only way to stay fashionable is to innovate in style. That’s the culture.

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