Covid-19 Inspired Tips : Staying Fashionable

By Evelyn Ohiolei

Image from NY Times

It is no longer news that the Covid-19 pandemic that hit the world has caused a pause in every sector of the economy especially the fashion world.

What began like a joke in Wuhan China on the last day of 2019 has gotten people, industries and governments around the world screaming for help and putting all medical weapons in place to combat the deadly Corona virus.

The world of fashion as other industries has suffered a big blow. Major fashion weeks cancelled. Stylists, designers, models and fashion companies have been forced to go back to the drawing board to  plan out how to remain relevant during this period and to adequately prepare post Covid-19.

However, while await the end of this pandemic which may not leave anytime soon, we may have to deal with what to wear within the walls of our homes for the “operation work from home.”

It’s okay to want to be free with your outfit while you have that zoom call from office or attend to your client’s request, however taking it up a notch won’t be a bad idea.

Here are some tips that may help

Your pyjamas remain your bed time wear: As comfortable as roaming around your house in your pyjama is, it should always remain your night wear. Don’t be tempted to begin your day’s work without changing out of them.

Your make-up shouldn’t be on lockdown: Yes, you may be home all day but your face deserves to be adorned with make-up, no matter how simple. There’s this happy feeling that comes along with it.

Your hair deserves some treat: We know wigs and weaves may be on holiday right now, however don’t be too rigid to put them on ocassionally especially when you are on a business/official call. And when you are not on any attachments, your hair deserves to be treated nicely. Wash, dry, oil and style appropriately.

Surgical masks are nice but handmade masks are creative: Just like the influenza pandemic of 1918-1920, people are now being forced to add the facial masks to their everyday dressing. Since it isn’t a one-off thing, you may want to consider handmade masks with creative designs that will complement your dressing. Get different designs with beautiful colours. It will be a Covid-Inspired fashion trend.

Keep fit, don’t blow up: This may be the most challenging of all the tips but you don’t want to come out of lockdown looking like a big ball. Your clothes still need to stay fit on you. Engage in exercise regularly, watch what you eat and how you eat. There’s a life after Covid-19.

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