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By Chichi Azozie










Our best dressed of the week is here again. If you’ve been following our blog, you must be familiar with our editions of best dressed every Friday. And just as usual, we have searched the gram to bring you the best #FFAfashionistas who have blessed our timeline with their sense of style. We looked through workwear, date night fashions and casual outfits to make up our list. Most of these fashionistas are not new to us. They are faces and personalities we are familiar with while some of them are emerging. In all, they are smoking hot and have made it to this week’s edition of best dressed.

Natacha A.

Corset has never looked so good. Tacha is our all time favaourite. We love the dress, hair, makeup and everything in between. The Ex BBN Naija queen just bodied this look.

best week of the week










Nomzamo Mbatha

Beauty with the body. This “Coming to America” actress served this look in one of the movie press meetings. We were captivated. Her hair and the colour of her shoes are good combinations for the style.










Siyamthanda Ndube

Colour block is a trend now and we love how Siya styled her look. It’s a classic. Blue jeans and red blazers combo have never looked so chic. Siya does it for us always. Her smile is epic too.

best dressed of the week










Tiffany Haddish

We love this funny and good looking actress in this drape dress. Her hairstyle, accessories and skin tone complimented the dress so much. We couldn’t ignore. We love her style always

best dressed of the week










Mrs Mark-Adamu

Mrs Mark’s look is simply elegant but what do you expect from a fashionista who is a banker and a fashion designer? She is a spec and we love this workwear look of hers.

best dressed of the week










Stella Adewunmi

Oh, Stella, her style is second to none. She looks good in everything she wears but this one? it takes only Stella to pull it off. Its the oversized shirt and the Ankara trouser for us. We love..

best dressed of the week










Gemma Belle

Hello school girl. Love love the whole assemblage. the boots, the barret and the accessories. Gemme is a babe in this school girl look.

best dressed of the week











This mom of three cute girls does not look it at all. She is constantly raising the bar for moms and stylish women. Her monochrome look and her big hair are so elegant and yes, we are cheering for this Nma’s look over here.











Geny Maks

Yes, Leather is in vogue now and It’s like we are all going to buy one because of Geny. Her monochrome styling is simply chic and cute.











Ella. A.

Its the zebra jumpsuit, the hair and the body for us. The composure and the stance with the hat that finished the look is a plus for us.











This is our best so far. If you want to be featured in next week’s edition, simply tag us in your picture on Instagram using the hashtag #FFAFahionista. Meanwhile, check out our last week’s edition of FFA’s best dressed.

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