By Sola Oyebade




Due to development and social change over the last eight decades, fashion has fitted itself to suit the times. And while trends still dictate the fashion world, 21st-century designers have gradually drawn inspiration from the past and converted classic looks from the years past. Some designers focus on ‘fanciful and artistic’ in the industry, while others pay more attention to converting popular styles to fit all purposes and body shapes.


Acceptance is a tool that every woman needs to exploit. No matter the size and shape of a woman’s body, she has the right to feel comfortable in it. Designers like Andrea Iyamah, Rihanna, Style Temple, and many others have shown us the kind of clothing that can make a woman feel powerful, sexual, and independent.


Nigerian designer Andrea Iyamah’s fashion line devotes itself to empowering women and encouraging them to own their sexuality. Andrea has broadened the essence of figure-flattering in every outfit, and every woman who puts them on can feel confident and beautiful.


We choose fashion because it gives us a sense of empowerment, confidence, and liberty.

In what ways does fashion empower you? I would love for you to share your ideas! 



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