Incredible Makeup Artists To Know and Follow on Instagram

By Chichi Azozie

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It’s one thing to be a makeup artist, it’s another to be an incredible one. Every woman loves her makeup… well to an extent. It becomes an art when accessories and lots of colours are added to create unconventional editorial looks. Some makeup artists have honed this skill. We are astonished at their skill and creativity and here is a list of our top 5 for you to check out and follow on Instagram.

Beauty by bb

The Editorial Princess is a typical black beauty. Her style is unconventional and intense. She loves to use a lot of studs and shimmers on her face. An incredible artist who goes afar and beyond to create a  masterpiece. Her use of colours is impressive. She is a great talent too and has over 154k followers on Instagram. Here are pictures of her work.

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Wendy Fidelis

This makeup artist is the CEO of @babenextdoorstudios but her personal makeup style is highly eccentric. She is a great artist with a unique style. She uses almost every accessory you can think of on her face. For eg, chains, clips, studs, etc. Her style is dolly and not one to joke with. She has amassed over 65.5k followers on her Instagram.



















Isabelle Ikpeme

This beauty guru and influencer knows her craft to bits. Her signature style is mostly made in colours, varieties and lots of them. She is a young artist and her style inspires lots of women to explore their beauty. She has over 91.2k followers who love her craft on Instagram.










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Sweet Mutuals

Let’s just say she is the queen of colours. Lately, on her Instagram page, she has been experimenting with the colour, blue. Her hair is an integral part of her art. Her inspiration comes from fashion and works of art. She has over 167k followers who are intrigued by her eccentric style.

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She is a beauty and editorial focused makeup artist and hairstylist. She is passionate about visual art and experiments with several styles of makeup ranging from minimal to avant-garde. Her focus is on editorials and creatives. The beautiful artist loves working with bold colours but still does classic and timeless looks. Check out her beautiful art.

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