Making a Fashion Statement in Playsuits

By Evelyn Ohiolei


Playsuits are my personal favs. My best pick for any casual outing,

When I am saddled with the task of choosing an outfit for a fun-filled day, I like to go for comfortability and simplicity.

Asides the fact that it comes in different designs; plain, stripes, florals, polka dots, or denim, the vibes it gives are exceptional. It’s easy to wear not to mention how chic they are, OMG! I love the fact that I can show some skin and still maintain that innocent feeling.

Hangout on a beach, house party, lunch date, cocktails, or a walk, Playsuit remains my quick wear and if I decide to show up on a red carpet wearing a playsuit, my designer just knows how to put in some unexpected creativity that stands me out from the crowd.

The goal is to create my own unique style and make that fashion statement.

The right dress with the wrong accessories automatically kills the vibes of the outfit.  The right combination is the Key to the slaying. My friend, to accessorize your playsuit, do not be tempted to use bogus neck chains or earrings; pin earrings, dropping earrings, or hula hoops earrings will do the trick. It’s casual wear, go simple with your accessories.

High heels, boots, sandals, or flats are best to complement your playsuits. When going for your footwear, choose comfortability. The event also determines your choice of footwear.









So, let’s slay.


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