See the Beauty Queens Representing Nigeria and Africa at the 2021 Miss Universe

By Chichi Azozie

miss universe 2021

The 70th Miss Universe Competition will air LIVE around the world from Eilat, Israel on December 12. Just seven months after the last winner, Miss Andrea Maze from Brazil was crowned, the organization is set to hold another competition.

The Organization said contestants will “explore the rich history and culture of Israel” in the weeks leading up to the competition with visits to the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. The pageantry will feature swimsuits, evening gowns, and interview rounds and will air on FOX.

About Nigeria’s Miss Universe 2021 rep, Maristella Okpala, here are things you should know about her:

miss universe 2021

  • Maristella Okpala is a trained international airline flight attendant with Emirates Airline and has travelled to over 40 countries.
  • She is 28 years old and hails from Anambra state, Nigeria.
  • She obtained her Masters’ degree in public health from the Imo State University in Nigeria.
  • Through her work, she has been able to empower over 1,000 children with free education by providing all the essential materials needed for them to study, and also humanitarian services to people living in the slum area of the Makoto community in Lagos, Nigeria. She has also empowered pregnant women with the support they need for pre and post-natal care.
  • Maristella works closely with ACI (Africa Clean-Up Initiative) NIGERIA in their quest to promote good proper waste management and recycling practices. She additionally supports organizations that provide free malaria test kits, mosquito nets, and essential needs for people living in the AJEGUNLE community. She also conducts free malaria tests for people living in the community and aims to create more awareness to people living in a similar community about the ailment.
  • The beauty queen has a collection of fridge magnets. She says, “I get new magnets in every country I visit, so I currently have over 30.”
  • She was a football player when she was in college.

If you are Nigerian and you want to see Miss Maristela Okpala win, here is how you can vote:

Go to or download the Miss Universe Official app and follow the voting instructions. Scroll through the Miss Universe Official app for Nigeria, then click on the vote icon to receive a confirmation message.

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