Megan Thee Stallion Talks About New Album on First Essence Cover

By Chichi Azozie

Megan thee stallion

The American Grammy Award-winning rapper Megan Thee Stallion is on the cover of ESSENCE’s September/October global Black fashion issue. In the issue, Megan opens up about growing up in Houston, sexuality, what’s behind her fierce drive, her musical influences, forth-coming album personal space, and more.

Megan thee stallion

The 26-year-old rapper is focusing on her next album. “I feel like my new album will be aggressive. I think this is definitely a very well-thought-out project. It’s about me talking about myself, getting used to myself, and returning to Megan where I appeared.” She says.

Whatever she does, it looks great on the cover of a magazine, Freestyling on social media, Megan wants to be a better version of himself than before. “Every time I take action,’ OK, how can I be better than last month’s Megan? How can I be better than last year’s Megan?’” She added.

To be a better version of herself, Megan said she will only surround herself with people he can trust. “There are probably about four people around me every day,” she shared. “I don’t meet many people and I don’t talk to many people because I feel it’s not good for me. My personal space balances me and that’s what it is. It turned out to be something that keeps me centered.”

Check out more photos of Megan for ESSENCE Magazine.

Megan thee stallion

Megan thee stallion

Photographer: @chriseanrose
Writer: @brooklynrwhite
Stylist: @zerinaakers
Hair Stylist: @Kellonderyck
Makeup Artist: @priscillaono
Manicurist: @cocamichelle
Set Designer: @charlotte_props
Motion Designer: @profoundly_imani

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