Men Style Tips To Learn From These Gentlemen

By Chichi Azozie

Men’s fashion is most times not taken seriously. This is because 80 percent of the time, fashion is attributed to women but it’s not always the case because some men are just as fashionable too. Whether a businessman, a gym rat, a CEO, or anything in between, a suit is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. It works absolutely well for many occasions, including those that are casual. So, if you’re looking to achieve an effortlessly dapper look, a suit can be a great choice. But to achieve a smart and sophisticated look, there are varieties of factors to consider, including cut, color, style, and details. Luckily, Solomon Mitchell , Queyoun, and Deveja Webb gave us some lessons and we took notes.

Here are three things we learned from this photo of them :

Double-breasted suits are lit

Contrary to the single-breasted, the double-breasted suit has extra buttons on each side of the jacket for beautification purposes. As a result of the extra buttons, the attention shifts from the seam to the sides to create the illusion of a fuller body. This effect makes it just perfect for slimmer men. The double-breasted suit is popular among fashion-forward men. It looks great with a variety of colors. As for the rules of buttoning a double-breasted men’s jacket, they’re quite simple: no matter how many buttons there are, always leave the bottom button unfastened and the top button(s) fastened whether sitting or standing just as Solomon Mitchell showed us,

Cropped Pant is a classic trend

This has been in trend for both men’s and women’s wear since 2017 when it was first noticed. Queyoun showed us how it is done. Wear cropped pants that end between your calf and ankle. Most cropped pants are known as ankle pants, capris, or “clamdiggers. Your socks can make up for the length of your trouser and it looks just fine as seen if it’s a suit but for a casual look, it looks great with or without socks.

Chelsea boots look just as good on suits as Oxford

When you wear Chelsea boots with a suit, the fit is key. Your suit needs to have slim pants because they’ll look the best with the cut of the boot. Along with slim pants, the length of your pants matters too. Wear pants with no break or a slight break to show the unique elastic side panel and top of the boot, just as seen on Deveja Webb.

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