Naomi Campbell Announces Kenneth Ize as Winner of Arise Fashion Week Star Prize

By Chi Chi Anozie

The winners of Arise Fashion Week 30 under 30 Competition emerged as the show came to a close. This announcement was made by Super Model Naomi Campbell.

Keneath Ize has emerged the winner in this year’s competition as he bags $100,000 as cash price. The second runner up was RE’ Lagos with a cash price of $75,000 and Mmuso Maxwell was the third runner up with a cash prize of $50,000

Keneath Ize is no stranger at winning prizes at such competitions. In 2019,  He was the LVMH Prize finalist and Arise Designer of the year. We won’t be wrong to say this was expected.

Keneath Ize is very good at what he does. He creates vibrant, hand-woven designs (Asooke) at his factory in Ilorin here in Nigeria. It is the fabric that has formed the brand that Ize has built. He uses handwoven Asooke and forms them into modern silhouette.

See what his designs look like:







































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