Nine Boss Chic Inspiration to Help Overcome the Monday Blues

By Chichi Azozie

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A boss chic look is a good way to overcome the Monday blues. There is just something about this day and how it makes us feel right? After all the fun  from the weekend. we wake up and have to be at work and the blues just come on.  Our favourite way of overcoming these blues at FFA  is by taking a cup of coffee and then showing up as a dapper boss chic.

Here are our inspirations to help you.

A Stylish dress

This is how to rock a stylish dress like a boss chic. Mondays do not have to be boring. Switch it up with a classic look like @iniedo. Be careful not to overdo a stylish dress especially when it’s for work. Make sure it is below knee length. No loud colours. Pair with nude or black shoes and a cute handbag to finish the look.

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A Cool Blazer

A cool blazer is a way to go. Throw it on a cute dress or a suit pant. Finish the look with accessories like a hat and a cute bag and you are good to go. Don’t forget to try a smile like @edaowofashions too

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A Black Dress

A black dress is the ultimate style piece for every boss chic. It is extremely flattering and you can hardly go wrong even when you are not sure of what to wear. A black dress disguises your emotions and makes you look trimmer. All-black outfits make a statement and you will instantly appear stylish just like @gogxie just because you made a decision to wear just one colour.

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Monochrome Style

Any monochrome colour will do actually but we will use white as an illustration as seen on @lillyafe. All white with a pop of colour. Monochromes are great and a subtle way of showcasing your style. Nude heels are a classic pairing and you can finish the look with a wide belt, nude lipstick, a cute sunnies and a nude clutch. If nude isn’t your thing, try other complementary colours like the emerald green instead just like @lillyafe.

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A Pair of Boyfriend Jeans

A pair of boyfriend jeans with rolled cuffs, layer on a white shirt, and top up with a blazer is not a bad idea for a boss chic look. Finish the look with a  clutch purse or a stylish handbag. For a next-level look, mix things up by adding sexy, strappy high heel sandals. We love how @_shannonnicole put together this look.

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A Leather Pants

A leather pant is one of the easiest ways to professionally add trend to your work style. It adds some variety to your pant styles and is on the bottom half of the body making it simple to add some more professional pieces like a colourful blazer on top.  Avoid overly embellished ones with statement zippers or other loud details on your leather pants because it is not suitable for work. A simple leather pant is a good route to go as @iambisola shows us.

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An Oversized Pair

If you love oversize clothing, you may like this @maryam_gaba ‘s look. 80’s cuts, slouchy and oversized silhouettes may be a way to disguise your mood to appear like a boss chic. Pair with a turtle neck and layered neckpiece for the accessory. A pop of colour and heels is the way to go as seen on her.

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A Double-Breasted Suit

This is one of those classic looks that look so bossy yet trendy and chic. This type of suit can match everything from pencil skirts to leggings. Initially, it was only men’s clothes, but now there are so many double-breasted coat ideas for women. The easiest way to style a double-breasted suit for work is to wear it alone if it’s long enough or just combines it with any pants or leggings. To complete the look according to your style, pair with court shoes or high heel boots just as we like it on @amagodson_a.

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A Little White Dress

A LWD can go with anything and everything. Just think of it as your new neutral. Inspired by @simply_tacha. Use your white dress as a blank canvas to add neutral and black accessories for a chic boss look.

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These are our inspirations for a boss chic look to overcome your Monday blues. Was it helpful? Let us know in the comment.

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