Ten Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

By Chichi Azozie


Valentine’s day is here once again. It’s a good time to show love to your better half. Most times women tend to relax and be taken care of but we want to remind you that the men are also worthy of some loving too. Everyone needs to be loved and appreciated.

14th February is a few days from now and there is no better time to plan a gift for the man in your life. You don’t want to be in the “singlet and boxers” group. That is so laid back. This year, we want to be creative after all its a gift for someone special right?. You have to first decide what will be valuable to him. Then find where to buy it and make it available before the D-day. This will make him smile and feel loved.

That being said, here are awesome gift ideas for him:

His favourite food

The saying about the way to a man’s heart is still true. Men love food, no doubt about that. He will obviously feel loved when you make his special dish. Be sure to spice it up and not make it the usual. Add more to it like a bottle of wine to lift up the moment. You can make it at home or order it and have it brought to him. He will love it and this will win you a place in his heart once again.







A place away from home

A vacation for later if you guys are working or simply a room ticket to spend the weekend away from home. It’s a wonderful time to renew your love. It will give you a chance to talk about stuff in your relationship. This is a good way to bond together again and create memories that will last a lifetime.



Almost every man is a sucker for games. This is a good investment and something to always keep him at home. He will love it and you will happy you bought this later on.










A lounging outfit

The lockdown has given rise to loungewear as a fashion. Women talk about how to look stylish at home or going down the street to grab a cup of coffee. Have you thought about your man lounging around in style too? He will love it. Make sure you buy one that has good quality. It will be very valuable to him.


A set of grooming products

Most men don’t believe in grooming but men like Buchi Solomon do. The other day, he talked about his grooming kits and a lot of guys were surprised that a man can have all that.. like a woman. But think of it, good skin is not selective of gender. The sun will burn your skin whether you are a man or woman as far as you don’t protect yourself from it. Make sure that shaving cream is part of the grooming kit though. With this, he will know that you care about his appearance and he will appreciate you for it.










A cute shirt, tie and cuffs

This is the most common gift that women give their men. This time, Lady, make it quality and really special. Buy his favourite designer shirt with a matching tie. A colour that will look good on him and wrap it nicely. Send it to him. He will love it.










A Designer’s perfume

Designers perfume is men’s all-time favourite. Some men who are conscious of their appearance have a number of perfumes already while some men do not care about it. No matter the category your man fall into, he will always appreciate a designers perfume. It will either be an addition to his collection or his one of a kind for his special occasions.


A wristwatch and beads set

This is another common gift that women gift to men. But now, make it special. Add some stone beads for his stylish self. Wrap it up nicely and send it to him.










Tailored native wear for him

He must not have a clue. How you will do it is this: If you have been with him and you know the clothes that he likes and fits him well. Take out that one. Take it to a tailor to get his measurement from it and return it. Then have the tailor make a cute design in a masculine colour that he will love. Another way is to go directly to his tailor if you know him and make an arrangement with him.










A car

Not everyone can afford this but if you can, why not. Make sure you are in a committed relationship or married before making his huge investment. A lot of women will disagree but honestly speaking, there is nothing too big for your loved one and what another way can you show love? It’s first by giving. Giving is not from men to women alone. Once in a while, if you have the means, make it huge for him.





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