Plus Size Fashion Influencers to Follow for your Style Inspiration

By Chichi Azozie

The plus-size fashion world can be a bit hard to navigate. Like most things, it’s not easy when you’re plus size and all the fashion inspirations come from women who look nothing like you wearing clothes that don’t come in your size.

A plus-size woman’s constant struggle is where to buy her clothes, what will fit, what’s in season and how to style it. Other times, it’s how to take something old from her wardrobe and give it a new life. However, following a great fashion blogger will answer these questions and show you the stylish items that you can buy without breaking the bank.

We have chosen this style goddesses because of their great style and consistency. Aside from that, these plus size fashion bloggers are a breath of fresh air that brings a smile to our faces while they give us a peep to dressing with confidence!

These are the women to follow for your everyday plus size fashion inspiration.

Ms Kristine

She is a plus size fashion blogger from Los Angeles. She has been a curvy girl all her life according to her. But that has never stopped her longing to be trendy and stylish. She has learned over the years learned how to dress her frame in the most flattering ways possible. She lives by the saying “Everything isn’t for everybody”. In order to show that, She started her blog in September of 2013 with the catchphrase “A curvy girl living in a trendy world.” Her mission and goal were simple – to show that curvy women can be just as stylish and fabulous as everyone else.


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Nakitende Esther

Esther Nagawa Nakitende is a 37-year-old proud mother of 3 children. She was born & raised in Uganda before she moved to Toronto, Canada in 2006. Nakitende Esther is a phenomenal plus-size model. She probably would have battled with the whole confidence issue but right now, she is 100% sure she is comfortable in her own skin. She proves that one can be fat, short, tall, dark and very beautiful too. Nakitende is confidently encouraging plus size women to love their bodies the way they are.


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Queen Charisma

This “Regal lady” is a whole vibe. She is a fashion icon and we have a lot to learn from style. Check out her Instagram page.


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Lauren Nicole

Lauren is a plus-size Instagrammer and model. Her fashion style is tom-boyish. Her looks will push you to try new styles. She is definitely a great inspiration for the plus-size community.


Hayet Rida

Hayet is one of our favourite Chicago babes to follow. From her amazing weekend looks to the best workwear, she makes plus size fashion look too easy. We are also obsessed with her blog, where she talks about fashion, body confidence, beauty, travel, and everything else, which is good because I’ll read literally anything she writes.


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Jessica Torres

Co-host of the “Fat Girls Club podcast” and the “ThisIsJessicaTorres” YouTube channel, Jessica is really doing a great job for the plus size ladies out there. She’s not afraid to post all the bikini selfies and her confidence is just on another level. The holiday season is almost here. Visit her page for all the holiday fashion inspiration. If you liked this post, pls share with your post sized friends.


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