Eight Best Grooming Tips for Men

By Chichi Azozie

We cannot over-estimate the importance of good grooming, not just for woman but for men too. It is very important for looking and feeling good. Personal grooming boosts your confidence and it defines your personality. For men, one of the best and golden grooming tips is to keep everything neat and trimmed.

1. Wear Deodorant Every Day

The truth is, some people give off less odours than others but everybody has a little trace of it. Body odour can be determined by environmental and biological factors like what foods we eat and genetics. Some people just smell stronger naturally. How often you need to roll on deodorant depends on your personal moisture rate. Men who sweat minimally and have a mild odour can get away without deodorant while other guys need it several times a day. The best time to wear a deodorant is in the morning after a shower. Washing with soap will decrease the bacteria on the underarm, and therefore the odour as well. But make sure you’ve completely cleaned up because deodorant sticks best and is more effective when applied directly to dry skin.

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2. Less is more with Cologne

Fragrance is an invisible part of our personal style. It has a powerful effect on how people see and remember you. A good cologne offers numerous benefits, from making you more attractive to helping you feel less stressed and more confident. And yet 80% of men do not wear fragrance on a regular basis. Wearing a fragrance will increase not only your attractiveness but your confidence even with women.

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3. Take Care of your Feet

They might not be on a show that often, but d good footcare routine is still important. Take care of them after a bath or shower when the skin is softest using a pumice stone before lathering a generous amount of moisturiser on.










4. Wash your Face in the Morning

Believe it or not, your skin can accumulate environmental debris in your sleep, so it’s necessary to wash them off in the morning. Dead skin cells and allergens may collect on your pillowcase and be transferred to the facial skin throughout the night. The benefit of a water rinse is that your skin won’t dry out and this can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Try washing with a mild cleanser in the evening to remove your makeup and simply splashing your face with water in the mornings

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5. Take Skincare Seriously

Exfoliate your face at night. Dead cells that stick around too long can clog pores and cause acne, ingrown hairs, dull skin, and wrinkles. To speed skin renewal, guys should exfoliate (or gently scrub) their faces free of these dead cells. That’s enough to keep skin looking bright and balanced and to encourage cell turnover. How often you exfoliate depends almost entirely on your skin type. Not often enough isn’t effective, and too often could lead to redness, irritation, and dryness. On average, guys should wash their face with a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil twice a day and gently exfoliate once or twice a week

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6. Apply Facial Moisturisers

If you’re going to be in the sun for over 30 minutes, you need to apply a face moisturizer with natural SPF. Choose a product with zinc-based sun protection that won’t damage your skin and protects you from the sun’s UV radiation. A men’s facial moisturizer should help fight ageing. A face moisturisers for men will help your face to look energized and firm while protecting it from environmental toxins. If you do nothing else in your entire life, use a face wash and a men’s face lotion will prevent the majority of issues you will encounter with your skin as you age.

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7. Don’t go Too Long without haircuts

Definitely not less than once a month is recommeded if not, your hair is look untidy and out of shape. If you wait  longer for some reasons like growing an afro, you should still go into the barbershop to get it carved. You shouldn’t just wait a long time. Else you will risk looking mad and unkempt.










8. Groom your beards

No good beard is an accident. If you see a guy whose beards are well-groomed and look healthy, it’s because he’s putting in the time to make it that way. Growing a beard is one thing, but how he cares for it determines how great it looks—even if his beard is patchier or thinner than others. Guys with good beards don’t have dry or irritated skin either. Their partners don’t suffer from beard burn, and the men themselves aren’t scratching at an itch all day. Their necklines are shaped just right—and yes, their facial hair looks styled in the best way possible, too.

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Looking good and fresh is very intentional. Follow these steps to up your game and watch your confidence boast  by just doing these.

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