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Sarah Enuwa Audu aka Princess Audu is a style and fashion blogger from Nigeria. She describes herself as a global citizen since she spent part of her life across the globe and other parts of Nigeria. Unlike most people who started a blog to inspire people, she started hers as a means of justifying her shopaholic tendencies back then. Now, her space is filled with all things fashion. “Looking back, if anyone had ever told me that I’d ever been a fashion blogger I would have laughed in their face. Growing up I was a jeans and a t-shirt everyday kind of girl. I also disliked writing and reading, two things I now enjoy and love.” She wrote.

Recently, she started a page called “Seeabuja” on Instagram, where she shows people all the cool and exotic places in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja. From the food to ambience and locations, she gives an honest opinion on these places. We are inspired by her style so we thought to share with you some of her incredible style tips.

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Colour blocks are also a thing for work. Just keep it down with neutrals and not so bright colours.










Monochrome is a forever classic for a style chic. You can never go wrong in a black and white assemblage.










When in doubt, wear red. A famous saying by an incredible designer, Coco Chanel. The blogger proved it in this cool all red attire.

Princess Audu










Fashionable people wear their clothes in different ways including wearing their button-down shirts backwards.










The best classics are blue jeans and a black blazer. A fashionistas all-time favourite.










If you want to always have what to wear, buy items you can style in different ways.










Sometimes a pop of colour is all you need to make a statement.










How to wear all black without looking like you are going for a funeral- Add prints and a pop of colour like red.










How to rock an Ankara kimono dress on a Friday. Wear an all-black inner with matching shoe










How to be modest and fashionable. Wear pieces with dramatic details.










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