The Makeup Trend Everyone will be Rocking in 2021

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Top make-up trends for 2021 are very obvious to tell. Although make-up trends change with seasons, experts are constantly showing us the way to go and we will always update you, our FFA readers so that you can flow with the trends too. We hope that 2021 brings us the best and we leave all the dramas behind in 2020. From the runways and what people are rocking on social media especially Instagram, we were able to depict how everyone will be wearing their hair and make-up in 2021.

Here they are:

Just got out of the shower look

Super wet and shiny look. The “just got out of the shower look” made its way to the runway this season and a lot of celebrities have been spotted wearing this look. Whether short and sleek or gelled at the top with natural lengths, this look is fresh, elegant and sexy. It is ideal for lavish evening events, wild party nights and special occasions. This look is a great choice for summer. Your hair will look wet even though it’s dry. This look doesn’t just work on long hair, it also works on short hairs. If you want to rock a short wet Look, you can gel it back completely, whereas longer hair is only partly styled with gel.


Multi-Coloured Eye Trend

Wearing several contrasting hues on your eye is a dope way to experiment with colour and appear like a pro. Before you try out this 2021 makeup trend, don’t forget to apply some eyeshadow prime first. It’ll make sure your shades stay on smoothly and that your look actually stays put all day long.

black woman eyeshadow

The Natural Look

Isn’t it weird that we want to apply make-up that looks like we’re not wearing make-up? The no-make-up trend is here to stay. This look is not really a typical Instagram beauty look. “No make-up” make-up is not the absence of make-up but applying it to the bare minimum. Focusing more on the steps and method of application rather than the number of product used. Jasmin Airdelle shows us how to achieve this look with drug store products. Click here to watch.

The Floating Eyeliner Trend

Most beauty enthusiast on Instagram is rocking this trend right now which makes it safe for us to say that it’s going to be a trend in 2021. They have proven that your eyeliner doesn’t have to stick to your lash line anymore. You’ll give off a major cool-girl vibe with barely any effort, which is always the goal, right? Effortless

Winged eye liner


Contact Lens

This is a trend in 2020 and it’s not stopping anytime soon. Most Fashion lovers are rocking this look to special occasions like weddings and some, just for the sake of taking pictures. It comes in different hues. The Brown ones seem to appeal to more women but the other colours are also in vogue.

Structured Hairstyles

A structured hairstyle is styled and hair sprayed into place. There had been several variations of the structured hairstyle such as bob or pixies that gives a modern vibe. These styles are meant to stay styled to perfection. For many women, this will be good news as they love to get dolled up and flaunt a fresh hairstyle that looks fresh from the salon. For those who love the loose, air-dried and natural look, this is one kind of hairdo is not really their thing.


The Bling Make-up Trend

The dramatic effect isn’t going anywhere after 2020. It is used to be for the nail but now, pro makeup artists are putting it on the face and it looks so cool. So if you haven’t already, it’s time to try it out. An easy place to start is putting nice studs around your eyelid. If that is too much for you, you can start small by just adding a few shimmers near the corners of your eyes.

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