The ” W” Series (Part 5) – The Warrior

By Olushola Yewande

Black Warrior Princess
Black Warrior Princess

War does not determine who is right, only who is left and those are left after the war has come and gone are the warriors.

These categories of persons are the team never give up. As warriors, they don’t worry about the past or what the future holds. They understand that your day is what you make of it, so they choose to do all that is needed to get productivity out of each day; daily building and never relenting. They keep moving no matter what the situation is. You might be tempted to think that these persons have no bad days. You might think that they’ve got nothing to worry about but you fail to understand that they have fallen many times,  they’ve been in the position of a worrier, tried the lifestyle of waiter, even shared the experiences of the wounded but they have chosen to move on irrespective of whatever life brings their way. They keep pushing daily and do not get tired until they have reached their desired result.

They are prepared for what comes, so when life hits them hard, they bounce back without flinching. Back in 2012, Oscar-winning Jennifer Hudson had three of her family members including her mother murdered by her brother- in – law, William Balfour. Tragic right? But she has kept moving, kept living, and kept right on being one of the starlights of our time. I choose to believe every Nigerian is a warrior because, with the way things happen in this country, we still learn to survive each day and raise our heads up and sometimes make a joke out of seemingly difficult issues.

You might be thinking, what do I need to do to be in this category, to be a warrior.

Below are some tips for you:

~ Leave the past where it belongs, in the past.
~ Learn to forgive yourself and others
~ Set time-bound, achievable goals and work towards them
~ Know who you are, accept yourself, improve and understand others
~ Never be afraid to ask for help
~ Believe you can, and you will surround yourself with people that make you happy
~ Live truly one day at a time
~ Embrace what comes your way and be grateful for all you have
~ Never fall into the trap of comparing yourself, learn to be your own person.

We learn daily by living, so arm yourself with a positive mindset, keeping living, keep doing good, keep being fabulous, keep looking good, feeling good, and watch all your imaginations become reality.

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