These Made-in-Nigeria handbags are Must haves: Meet the brands

By Chichi Azozie

Nigerian handbag brands










Made in Nigeria handbag brands are pushing the boundaries and serving us a lot of hot stuff constantly. But before we dive in, Happy new months our dear FFA readers. Its that time of the year again. Yay!! Chrismas is almost here. The good vibe, the relaxing mood, the family and friends get together and the food are all the things we can’t wait to experience.

But you know we are all about fashion, style and everything that looks good. Today, we want to show you some Nigerian handbag brands that have been wowing us.

We have followed these brands and we can say, they are everything beautiful, made for the classy woman to make a statement and screams luxury from all sides.

Check out these brands:


This brands signature style is Skin, sometimes with a little bit of funkiness. The design and silhouette are one of the things we love about this brand. We also love that this brand customises their bags and put their customer’s name in a very cute way. Check them out on Instagram

Nigerian handbag brands


Speaking of colours, this brand is will surely add lots of it to your wardrobe. There are different shapes and sizes. if you are a lover of colour, you will surely love this brand. Check out their cute handbags on Instagram.

Nigerian handbag brands


Proudly Nigerian, O’eclat’s leather pieces are 100 per cent handmade. A quick browse through Instagram account shows an array of breath -taken handcrafted leather bags of various designs, beautifully laid out patterns you cannot help but fall in love with. See their beautiful bags on Instagram.

nigerian handbag brands

this brand is not only about bags. They are into shoes and other fashion accessories for “the free-spirited ones’. If you are proud to make a statement about being African and loving it. This bag brand is for you. Have you seen their Maitama Moon Bag? It is just a perfect accessory for a typical African woman. See it on their website.
nigerian handbag brands


Beautiful leather bags for a minimalistic style. This brand has all our vote with their beautifully made clutch purses. Mostly in neutral colours. This brand has remained consistent with the same design over the years. They are just too lit. Check them out

nigerain handbag brands


This brand uses genuine leather that is sourced in Nigeria. Specially crafted to suit the purpose and style of every woman’s taste. According to Lola, the CEO of this brand, her bag is for anyone looking to own a classic leather bag. “Each bag is tailored according to the needs of each client”. You will be blown away. See for yourself.

nigerian handbag brands


This is another handmade bag brand made in Nigerian local leather. Recently, they were featured by British vogue in the same issue with Beyonce. It’s a big one, yeah. As big and beautiful as their bags. See how they look.

nigerian handbag brands



This is a household name in luxury fashion both in Nigeria and abroad. Have you seen their “Atarodo Bags”? It is versatile, sophisticated and will surely turn heads wherever it goes. These bags are not your regular pouch bags.  Check out their Instagram page.

made in nigerian handbag brands


Two words to describe Kisara bags “Playful” and “Chic”. Luxury handcrafted bags made in Nigeria. They are not a handbag. Kisara bags are fashion statements. A mix of Cane, Leather and Ankara, this is must-have for summer and any fun event. Take a look at these beauties.

nigerian hand bag brands

TokeMakinwa Luxury

This brand is owned by our one and only baby girl Toke Makinwa. The varieties of these brand bags are not much but come in sweet colours and sizes. This is a luxury brand and it’s not for the faint at heart. Check out Toke’s TM Bags.

Nigerian handbag brands


Which one is your best? Let us know in the comment section.  For us here, we are loving them all completely.
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