Unique Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones

By Chichi Azozie

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Its gift season. Thinking of a gift for your loved ones? Ride on with us. We have very cool suggestions for you. Christmas is a season of love. Love for ourselves and our loved ones. What other way can you express this love than gifting them with something very useful and endearing to them? A lot of things have been given in the past, hampers, items of clothing, pieces of jewellery, cars, holiday travel tickets, etc. For your loved ones, nothing is too much.

This is our hot picks of something to give to your loved ones:

A Bottle of Champagne

A bottle of wine is a gift that works for all occasions and for everybody. It is always appreciated and its best shared to lift the spirit of friendship between family and friends. There is a type of wine for everyone. No matter who you are gifting, your mom or dad or girlfriend, a glass of wine is always good for the body and soul.

A Quality Jewellery Set

Jewellery is a woman’s best friend. When you give away jewellery, you always get a great admiration for the detail that has been given. Jewellery can last up to a lifetime. By gifting jewellery, they speak for you. A heart-shaped ruby can say “I love you” a diamond can mean “Forever” or a journey pendant “I’ll be there.” It’s always best to speak without words. Jewellery serves either sex. For women, there are rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and for men watches and thick chains. Jewellery provides variety. A jewellery is a memorable gift as people will always remember who gave it, when it was given,  where it was given and even what clothing they wore while receiving it. Jewellery always has a meaning beyond the metal or precious stones, jewellery tells a story.

Customised T-Shirt

Custom shirts make great gifts. Shopping for gifts can be difficult, especially when the person you’re buying for is a bit picky. You may already have an idea of what would be perfect, but that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to be at the local mall. Instead, spend some time really customizing a design and ordering a unique t-shirt. No matter what the occasion is; a birthday, reunion, celebration, anniversary, or even just a weekend, a custom t-shirt can make it even more special.

High-Quality Ankara fabric

Ankara fabric is always a good gift idea especially for women that are elderly. They  are always attached to anything that will make them beautiful so gifting a high-quality Ankara fabric will surely be a good idea for your mom and aunties. They will bless you immensely for this.

Classic Necktie

This will be a perfect gift for your husband or boyfriend. It sends a subtle, subconscious message that you care about his work, his appearance, confidence, self-esteem and happiness. This can only be said by giving him a high-quality necktie. Never fall short and buy a low-grade polyester tie because this will send out a negative message. A silk tie is better. it shows that you care about him, love him and want him to be happy and successful in whatever he chooses to do.

A Self-Portrait

This is a type of gift that makes an everlasting impression. If well done and framed properly, this gift can last for a very long time. it surely guarantees a place in the heart of your loved one because they remember you anytime they look at the portrait and chances are, they will be looking at it for a very long time.

A Classic Perfume Set

This kind of gift has been there for a very long time. it is appropriate for almost any adult. the other challenge with gifting perfume set is choosing the type of fragrance that your loved one will like. People have varieties of taste when it comes to perfume. you have to diplomatically find out what your loved one will like if you plan to gift them with one.

A Digital Camera

These days photography is almost an inevitable part of everybody’s life. but if your loved one is a lover of photos. then gifting him/ her a digital camera will likely make her /her day.

Makeup Kits

This is a perfect gift for any woman. the only challenge is getting their exact shade. but you can ask them or if you are close to them, you can check the ones they are currently using.

Shaving Set

Gifting your man a grooming set is the cutest thing ever,  right?

Assorted Set of Cookies and Candies

This is ideal for kids. Trust that you have won their hearts when you present them a box of chocolates as kids loves this. There is a whole of varieties to choose from. you can easily source this in the nearest supermarket close to you

Fat Burning Slimming Belt

Guess you have never thought about this but nothing tells a woman you care about her more than buying a slimming belt for her. It is like telling her that you have her back already. especially in this festive season. she can eat whatever she likes and not worry because Bae’s got her covered with a slimming belt.

Remember the best gifts are the ones that come from your heart. so take your time to think about the person you are gifting and what will be useful to them.  They will keep it close and you will be endeared to them by this simple act of love.



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