Tiffany Haddish Dazed In The Same Dress For The Third Time

By Chichi Azozie

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Tiffany Haddish is an American comedian and actress who is known for her good sense of humour and disarming authenticity. She rose to stardom in her role as Dina in the raunchy comedy Girls Trip in 2017.

Speaking of her disarming authenticity, Tiffany Hadiish has explained why she rocked her white Alexander McQueen number for the third time. Most celebrities will never do this, let alone be caught not once, or twice but thrice repeating the same cloth.

She explained that a stylist brought her several options for the “Girls Trip” premiere, and the only dress that fitted well was the white dress by Alexander McQueen. After she hit the red carpet, she realized it cost $4,122.

“I should’ve known — wasn’t no price tag on that dress. So I wore it for ‘Girls Trip,’ and then they give me the receipt. When I saw the receipt, I cried,” she said. “So I’m wearing it multiple f—— times. I don’t care what nobody says — that’s a down payment on a car, that’s a medical bill. So, even though everyone says I shouldn’t wear the dress in public again, I’m wearing it. She said

The beautiful actress has rocked the same dress at the Premiere of Girls Trip in 2017 when she hosted Saturday Night Live, last November and at the Oscars.

She  said that if she pays good money for something, she should wear it when she wants, however many times she wants, as long as she febreze it.”


















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