What’s Your Choice? Pleasure Or Pressure

By Yewande Olushola

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We all always love having it good. You know, to just enjoy the sweet bliss, the calmness, attention, love, care, money, and everything that is nice and easy and when we encounter any glitch; some of us treat it is as if the weight of the whole world is upon us.

Sometimes we feel like we need to come to a consensus fast especially in situations that look like they can get the better part of us if we don’t act fast. You need to calm down. Most of us have made terrible decisions because we thought that we were under pressure or we needed to act at that time, and we end up regretting that decision. I am not here to point fingers, but if there are better ways to solve less pleasurable situations, then it would be good for us to follow.

First, it would be genuinely nice to calm down and breathe in and out. This might sound funny, but it works. Now analyze what the situation is, is it that serious? Is it something that you have the power to change or not? If it is something you can do nothing about, it is better that you just let it slide, instead of overworking your brain for nothing and consistently asking yourself, what can be done?

Most times, when you are under pressure or stressed, you end up doing what you don’t want, or saying what you wished you didn’t say or even putting yourself in tight corners. It is important that you strive to let nothing, and no one steals your peace. If you can’t decide about it at that time politely ask that you are given time to think about it. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Pressure can be good if harnessed rightly, you would agree with me. It keeps us on our toes, it sharpens and matures us. The problem now is not pressure, because one way or the other we would be faced with situations that don’t make us happy, the bone of contention now is how we handle the pressure. You must first protect your personal happiness, have some time alone, and analyze the situation before you decide on what to do.

Do you also know that pressure can be imagined? You can get an enormous result with less stress if you learn to prioritize and take one step at a time.

So, which would you prefer? Oops, sometimes life does not give us such options.

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