5 Ways To Actually Fall In Love With Yourself On Valentine’s Day

By Chichi Azozie

valentine's day

Sometimes we forget how important it is to fill up ourselves with the love we give to others. As the saying goes “You cannot love others the way they need to be loved until you love yourself.” So this Valentine, we are all about giving to ourselves. As easy as it may seem, it can be hard to prioritize or to even remember to do. We’ve come up with the best practices to adopt and we don’t mean the regular ones like buying yourself a gift or taking a walk in the park. As good as it is, here are our suggestions to help you rejuvenate your mind and soul on Valentine’s day.

Celebrate yourself

When you achieve something, make sure to celebrate! Valentine’s day is a great day to remember and make a list of all the wonderful things you have achieved so far. Big life events such as graduating or getting a job or having a baby, we all know how to celebrate. But what about the smaller things? Celebrate the fact you exercised when you haven’t in ages. Celebrate having the confidence to speak up. Celebrate how good you look.  No matter how big or small. Tell somebody about this success, write it down and reflect upon it.


Yes.. simply rest. It is so underrated. Rest can be productive, it can be an act of resistance, it can save you from burnout. If you aren’t already regularly resting, make valentine’s day the first of many where you allow your body and mind to relax. Make sure you give yourself enough time to sleep by going to bed earlier and switching off your phone. If you’ve had a stressful day, allow yourself to properly wind down in the evening. Take the day off if you’re self-employed or working from home. Allow an hour a day to do exactly what you want to do. Rest, rest and rest again, until rest is such a fundamental part of your routine that it’s non-negotiable.

Allow yourself to be you

valentine's day

Do you love watching reality TV but are embarrassed because others say it’s trashy? Do you love dressing a certain way but are afraid others will judge you? Is there something you wanted to do for so long but been procrastinating? A lot of this is about finding confidence in yourself and allowing yourself to be who you are.

Develop a self-care routine

A morning routine, sleep routine, workout routine, skincare routine; you name it! These routines helps to keep one grounded, especially during this valentine. Repetition of these tasks every day no matter what is happening in the world is an act of self-care. When they become parts of your day, they give you the support to deal with whatever is thrown at you every day.

Take time to write down your dream life and go for it

There is nothing quite like some manifestation as a form of self-love. If you could imagine your dream life, what would it look like? Is there a way you can imagine bringing these things into your life ? Take your time. Write a long list, a plan, create a mood board and visualize everything you’d want out of life. Chasing your dream is one of the biggest acts of self love out there.

Do something you genuinely love.

Engaging in activities you enjoy elevates your mood and boosts energy. So schedule a time to do something just for yourself—whether it is mediation, painting, listening to music, going for a run or simply giving yourself an at-home spa treatment.

Do something kind for someone else.

valentine's day

Kindness reduces stress because it releases serotonin which is the ‘feel-good’ hormone. You can start with little acts of kindness like buying someone a cup of coffee, telling someone why you appreciate them, writing a note to a loved one, donating to a cause you’re passionate about or volunteering in your community, etc.

These are it for now. Which of these will you be doing this valentine or do you plan to do something different?  Let us know in the comment.

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