Face Mask: The New Normal

By Olushola Yewande.

Beauty influencer Ifu Ennada, who shared this look with her 1.2 million Instagram followers. (Photo by Segun Adebayo)




















If you take a walk down your street, I’m sure it wouldn’t be of any surprise if you see someone on surgical nose mask or any other material made mask. Mask is now the new fashion order even if its misuse and misinformation is on a steady increase; you wouldn’t dare move into one of those restaurants in Lagos to get a take home meal without a nose mask.

When the Big brother Finalist Onashola Kola Oburoh waltzed into the 2020 AMVCA awards dinner with his outfit which was a skull like jacket with glittery mask, eyebrows were raised. Although, according to his Instagram post, he claimed that it was worn to depict a stand against Covid ’19. Tongues still wagged and comments weren’t favorable.












However, since COVID ’19 became a reality we have to live with, we have had to try our best to live as normal as we can and as such we have come to embrace face masks especially with it’s rising spread in Nigeria.

With face masks being the new order of the day, it is no surprise that many people have decided to be fashionable while wearing it. It also helps that it is possible to get nicely made Ankara masks at very affordable prices. Nobody has a reason to miss out on not joining this new normal in terms of looks while we strive to stay safe.

Stay safe, keep the social distance, sanitize, dispose mask properly, and don’t forget fashion is the spice of life, so keeping slaying while you’re staying safe.

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