Facial Matters: Sunglasses

By Evelyn Ohiolei


Ever walked past someone and you had to take a second look? I mean not like you were fascinated about their elegant dress style but you couldn’t help but notice something off about the windscreen that covered almost half of their face.

These people obviously do not understand that just like finding a corresponding matching outfit for your body, you must do so for your face so you don’t end up looking like a ‘well dressed clown’.

Sunglasses have shifted from its conventional use of protecting the eyes from sun damage to being a part of our everyday fashion accessory.

So! Are you planning to get a new pair of sunglasses but confused on the types that best fit the shape and size of your face? Are you concerned about how you will look when you put them on?

Let me you out so you don’t go looking like your throwback pix of yourself. lol.

If you’ve got a “round-shaped” face with noticeable curves and less defined angles like that of Meghan Markle, rectangular and square frame glasses are your best match.










If you’ve got a “heartshaped” face; widest at the temple and narrowest at the chin, an example is Naomi Campbell. Frames like the butterfly, cat-eye styles that feature rounded edges are most ideal. Rectangular, oval, and aviator shaped sunglasses can also work for you.










Next is the “diamond-shaped” characterized by a narrow forehead and a small chin with the cheekbones being the widest part of the face. Hollywood star,  belongs to this group. Oval shaped frames will complement their wide or high cheekbones.










The “square-shaped” face characterized by a broad forehead and a strong jawline, a good example is David Beckham and the best sunglasses for this group are aviators, butterflies, and round-shaped frames.










An “oval-shaped” face with gently rounded, fairly even features can go with almost all frame types. However, avoid huge frames that can make some beautiful symmetrical features less visible. Rihanna is an example of this face type.










Lastly, there is the “oblong or rectangular shaped”; faces are long and narrow with few angles, an example is Sarah Jessica Parker and if you’ve got this type of face, you can go with an oversized sunglasses. Square shaped frames can also do the magic.










Make better choices today, don’t go for sunglasses just because your friend or favorite celebrity has it on. Determine the appropriate frames that fit your face shape.

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