How To Get Involved In The Fashion Revolution Week

By Chichi Azozie


It’s Fashion Revolution week. Do you know what means? It emerged when a group of persons in the United Kingdom started taking responsibility, calling on the whole world to be involved in how the clothes we wear are made. It started on Monday 19th April and will end on Friday, 25th April 2021. This revolution was initiated after the 4th largest tragedy in the world happened on 24th April 2014. The collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is one of the world’s poorest countries and highly dense in terms of population. It is also the world’s second manufacturer of apparel after China. The majority of the population are skilled workers who earn just a dollar per day.

Rana Plaza

It was one of the largest centers for apparel production in Bangladesh before its collapse. Housing over 5000 workers. Among which 1,110 were killed in the tragedy and over 2,500 were badly injured.

Rana Plaza Tragedy in 2014

After the incident in 2014, The Fashion Revolution was established to help protect the rights of unseen workers who work behind the scene to produce the clothes we wear and to encourage more people to create a more ethical and sustainable fashion now and in the future.

This year The Fashion Revolution is encouraging consumers to ask the brands they wear how their clothes are made and for brands to tell their stories on social media through the hashtag #imadeyourclothes.


Millions of people worldwide are joining in this campaign questioning brands and brands showing transparency towards their working environment and how their production occurs. The Fashion Revolution has given 5 steps for everyone to get involved but here are our own bits for you too

  • Follow Fashion Revolution on Instagram to get you to understand and appreciate the work they are doing.
  • Join  Fashion Revolution events online especially on Facebook and Instagram
  • Use the postcards on your social media to help create more awareness in your community. Here is a link to download
  • If you understand what fast fashion and sustainability mean, help educate your community. We save the earth one change in buying behavior at a time.
  • The fashion Revolution has representatives in over 100 countries including Nigeria. Find out what they are doing in your country and be a part of it.

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