Ten Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

By Chichi Azozie

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Valentine’s day gift for the woman in your life should be valued and precious. It’s that time of the year once again. It’s a good time to show love to your better half. What other perfect time can you show the woman in your life that she is loved and appreciated?

14th February is a few days away therefore a great time to plan a gift for the woman in your life. Women are pickier when it comes to gifts than men and truth be told, an average Nigerian woman would prefer something tangible and valuable like a handbag or nice pieces of jewellery to a bunch of flowers. That being said, here are 10 awesome gift ideas for her:

A big teddy bear

Gifting a teddy bear on Valentine’s day is a lover’s way of showing romantic interest. It means that you want her to think of you every time she sees it and hug it anytime she misses you. Women love this and this will make a perfect valentine gift for her.

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Take her out on a special dinner

A candlelight dinner is the most romantic thing. A special restaurant and a special meal other than the usual one will wooh her. Everybody loves good food and you are sure to win her heart once again.

valentine's day dinner

A Priced Jewellery

This is priceless. A diamond they say is a girl’s best friend. With her name or “I love you” encrusted on it. It is priceless. This is an expensive one but if you can’t afford real diamonds, you can simply opt for a quality jewellery set, you are good to go and your woman will love it.

valentine's day gift for her

Send her a cake and a bottle of wine

This is a good birthday and valentine gift. Add a box of chocolate and a written note telling her how much you love and care about her. Romantic isn’t it? She will love it.

Designers item

You need to know whether your girlfriend is a designers kind of person like Chioma Goodhair. If she is, then getting her an item from a known brand like Louis Vuitton or Lambortine will be a good gift. She will love it and will always remember your love for her when she wears it. But if she does not care, any item of good quality would do.

designers for valentine

Nice perfume set

Everyone loves to smell good. It’s a symbol of mutual adoration. A luxurious perfume with a unique handwritten note is super. From florals to spices, to woods to citruses, bottled in an exquisite package is sure to impress and make this day a memorable one for her.

valentine's day gift for her


A cosmetic set

Women love cosmetic so gifting her a set shows how valuable she is to you. Think of her cream and soap, sunscreen, face primer, face wipes, cleanser. If she is your woman, you should know her better. You may need the help of her BFF to get her right products.

valentine's day gift for her

A gift card

This is a prepaid store value money card issued by retailers to a customer to shop anything from their shop/website that is worth the value of the card. That means that if you gift your girlfriend/wife a gift card worth N10,000, she is free to go to the shop and pick anything worth N10,000.

valentine's day gift card

A car

This is a huge investment so you have to be sure that you are in a committed relationship if not married to your better half.  It may look like a big deal but nothing is too big for the love of your life if you can afford it. A lot of men have done this before. You can do it as well.

car for valentine's day

A proposal ring or a place away from home

Yes, If you guys are not married, then this is the best to ask the woman in your life to be your wife. Memorable and romantic I must say?. You can plan this with her close friends and family to surprise her but if you are married, its a perfect time to take time away to be with each other, renew your love and spice things up.

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