Ten Delightful Fathers Day Present to Gift Your Dad

By Chichi Azozie

father's day

Fathers day is upon us this year. Some people argue that dads are less appreciated compared to moms. It doesn’t have to be so. Fathers are a significant part of our lives and should be appreciated too. It is a great idea to plan to gift your dad, granddad, or any father figure in your life. Fathers are usually responsible for providing for everyone. A little gift to make life easier for him will go a long way. Maybe you haven’t gifted him before or you have, but not something so tangible. Here are great gift ideas for father’s day.

So You Think You Are A Nigerian Game

father's day

This is a not-so-new board game that asks questions about Nigerian history. It will be fun for your dad to play a little mind game by recalling events that happened a long while ago in Nigeria. It will be so many laughs for him whenever he decides to play. You can buy this game in any major mall across the country.

A Pair of Swimshorts and Undies

father's day

Not necessarily for swimming but the idea is an easy short to lounge around the house. It may be time to sort his unides too. Help him replace the old ones. He will so love it.

A Wireless Headphone

Father's day

If your dad or father figure is the busy type, this gift will be most helpful. Instead of carrying his phone around, he can free his hands and put them to other use while answering his calls or listening to music.

Beard Grooming Oil

If he keeps beards. A good bead oil to condition his beard and make them softer. It will help to improve his facial outlook and grooming.

A Simple Gold Necklace

A gold necklace because anything short will be stressful to put on and remove every day. Because men are not like women. A gold necklace will stay permanently on his neck and whenever he feels like it, it may sell. It’s a form of value to him.

A Leather Wallet

father's day

To keep things organized in a neat way. business cards, monies, notes, etc. Even if he has one already. he will still appreciate a new one.

A Pair of Sneakers or Loafers

No one has ever said no to a pair of sneakers. Convenient for both work and play. Your father will love it and will appreciate you for it.

A Quality Wristwatch

father's day

Whether leather or gold. An additional wristwatch to his collection is always welcomed. Get him a quality one and it will go a very long way. It will also a gift to be remembered in years to come.

A Journal


This is essential to keep his items together. A journal and a pen will be handy to write things down, keep accounts and remember dates. It will help to keep his daily life organized.

His favorite food

They said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but actually everyone loves good food. Make plans to make his favorite dish on father’s day.

Hope this was helpful. Check out our post on Valentine Gift Ideas for Him for more.

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