The “W” Series (Part 1) – The Wounded

By Olushola Yewande

The Wounded

On the “W” series, I’ll be taking you on a journey through different categories of people that live in the world.   If you consistently follow this series, you will not only be surprised to find yourself in it but also those around you. You’ll also see whether your category is a flaw or strength and know just what step to take.

In the W series, we would look at The Whiners, The Worriers, The Waiters, The Wounded, and The Warriors. Each of these categories will be duly explained as we move on in this series.

I’ll be starting with the Wounded and my choice lies in the fact that a lot of people fall into this category in various ways and on various levels

Who are the wounded? The wounded applies to everyone and anyone still holding on when they just must let go. Choosing to live in isolation, solitude, not for the comfort or serenity of it, but to build a wall from the outer world. This category applies to anyone suffering in silence for what speaking aloud would have solved for you. Those hunted by their past, scared of the future, and refusing to live in the present. Those feeling every ounce of shame and guilt along the way, treating themselves as an option and too afraid to talk to anyone because of a lack of trust. This category refers to those that are too angry because they can’t stand up for themselves and are too closed off to moving on because of fear of what might happen next.

Okay so this might sound like a sorry tale but believe me there are those in this category and sometimes, those that in this category do not really know they are there. So, you might want to take a deeper look at your life and how you’ve been living it to be sure that you are not in this category

Ever had an untreated cut before? Yuck! Nothing is more painful. If you do not treat it and just keep nursing it with words like ” Ah, I feel so much pain” or “Ah! The cut is so big”, or “why did I even step on that blade”, or “why didn’t I even watch where I was going to”, all of these lamentations do not change the fact that you are wounded, but solution comes only when you apply first aid and start moving towards getting better.

Let this same mindset be in you in every area you are experiencing sores and pains. Move from confessions like “this situation is too painful for me”, or “I regret making this decision”, or “life is so hard” to take steps in moving on.

Ask yourself sincere questions like:

~ How am I? Which will tell you the state of your mind?
~ What’s wrong with me? Which would help you search out the root of the problem
~Am I happy? Which would help me better decipher what you feel?

So what exactly is it, a bad investment, a bad breakup, a betrayal, huge loss, a lost opportunity, a lost loved one, whatever it is that hurts you in whatever way it comes, it’s time to let go and free yourself today, know you are not alone and do the things that make you happy. Time is not waiting for anyone and be aware that life is too short to live like the wounded.

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