The “W” Series (Part 2) – The Worrier

By Olushola Yewande

The Worrier
The Worrier

The worrier is coined from worry and worry simply depicts a disturbed state of your peace of mind or to be afflicted with mental agitation or distress. It also means to be troubled or to give way to mental anxiety.  I believe this definition already gives away the set of persons that we are talking about here. No one and I repeats NO ONE thinks about the future like the Worrier, these persons unlike the wounded are not held bound by their past, or paralyzed by it, even though their past still plays a role in why they are in this category. For them fear is their constant companion, fear about what tomorrow will be or bring.

They are always too afraid to move on. Their regular chorus is, “what if?” Everyone has been here. Some of us are visitors; we visit this category occasionally when we can’t get a grasp of what’s going on or what step to take. Or when we are at a crossroads of a major life decision. While some are landlords, they’ve built a home around worrying, they worry about everything, every time, you can agree with me that worrying can be so exhausting. I’ll share an insightful story with you about worrying.

Two single mothers who were neighbors had nothing to feed their children as there was a famine in the land. The first woman had just a child while the second had three. There was nothing to be done and no thought of where rescue will come from. The mother of three got a big pot, filled it with water and put some stones in it, then placed it on a fire that she had made. She warned her children to not touch the pot or open it as she was preparing their lunch while she tried reaching out for help with people from neighboring lands. The mother of one, on the other hand, was wailing and running around the streets of town worrying about how she would feed her only child, even though she knew that no one in the town could really help her as they were all affected by the famine. She was so into her wailing and worrying that she ended up physically hurting herself. The mother of three had luck shine on her and a friend from the neighboring village was able to help her with foodstuff. When she told her children to put the pot away from the fire, they discovered that she had been boiling stone all along. The mother of one ended up joining the mother of three in their meal while nursing a hurt she got from her fruitless worry.

They were both faced with the same issue, the same limiting circumstances, and yet chose to solve their problems in different ways.

You can agree with me that worrying can be exhausting and energy-sapping and if you look at what you’ve been so worried about, you will realize most of it has sorted itself out just fine. So, why worry about the day you have not yet even lived, events that you have not yet seen or experienced? Why would you choose to put your mind through such torture? Worry is not even good for your health both mentally and physically, so why stress it at all. No one in the history of mankind has ever achieved anything worthwhile while worrying. So, don’t sweat the small stuff!

So put your mind at rest, don’t bother if you can’t change or control the situation, don’t stress yourself, just take it a step at a time and do what you can, everything will find its way at the end, so before that happens to be sure you keep your heart at peace.

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