Ten Iconic Photos from 2021 Valentine’s Day Looks

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Valentine’s day looks for this year were full of elegance and glamour. It was intriguing as a lot of fashionistas took to Instagram to show off their outfits and valentine vibes. The colours of the day were red, white and a touch of red. Some looks we liked, some we loved while some made us fall in love. Love and romance were symbolised in red roses as seen on Toke Makinwa and Tamara. Pearl Portia showed us how to be a lady while sipping some wine in her elegant outfit. Erica’s red balloons in her boudoir shoot were all alluring while Annie Idibia looked all glammed up in her sequin outfit. These and more made our list of top valentine’s day looks.

valentine's day looks


This two-piece said it all… Out on a date with the Boo. She has the body for it. With the high slit, paired with her cute purse while blowing us some kisses. There is nothing not to love in this pics.

Valentine's day looks











This is probably our best look for this valentine. Toke looks like she is ready for some love while she calls her lover to come join her. Her red roses, pearls, her bedroom styling and her robe are some of the cute features of this picture. We won’t get over this look of a sudden.

Valentine's day looks











How else can you define glamour while looking at the picture of this beautiful actress? The sequin dress and the complimentary headpiece is just the perfect outfit for valentine. The shimmers, the styling of the dress and the pose is our definition of love and romance.


valentine's day looks


Simple yet elegant. This pretty chic look caught our attention. Black has never looked so good with all the roses


valentine's day looks


Just like Annie Idibia, we like the shimmers and even better, the roses and the feathers. Perfect for valentine. Please bring on all the love. We are here for it.

valentine's day looks


Here is how to be a lady while sipping some wine at home or at the bar.  Her choice of the white colour is just ideal with a touch of red rose on her hair. It is just different in the best ways and we love her style completely.


valentine's day looks


The TikTok queen did not come to joke in this transformer piece by Tiannah Empire. A mix of boss chic look in a romantic style. This Valentine’s day look blew us away.

valentine's day looks


The star girl Erica and her bouquet of valentine’s day balloon are very alluring and glamourous. We can’t stop drooling over the lights and the styling of this shoot.


valentine's day look 2021


The King of all queens is constantly repping. She knows how to bring together the pieces in her transformer dresses which this is one. We love the dress, the pose and the style of the shoot

valentine's day looks 2021


This is how you look when you are styled by Swanky Jerry. Hello Mercy, please have mercy on us. This ex-BBNaija winner’s look is one to die for. She looks like a Disney princess in her red dress and blonde hair. We are in love.
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Valentine's day looks











Classy and Chic is our definition of Diiadem’s Valentine’s day look. With the plunging neckline, high slit and matching sandals. This one is one we couldn’t ignore. We are here for this simple and elegant look snd she surely served it well with that stance.

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