Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s day Amidst Covid-19

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Covid-19 has changed the way we live. Valentine’s day in 2021 will be expectedly different because of it. Other years, people were free to travel and be with their loved ones. There was no restriction on how close you can be with anyone in the public. People didn’t wear facemasks. Candlelit dinners, massages and cocktails were the deal of the day. Everything was fine and beautiful but it’s a different game in 2021. Most people will not be able to be in contact with their loved ones because of travel restrictions in some countries. Well, that does not mean that you will not gift your loved ones. Here are ways to celebrate Valentine amidst Covid-19, whether you are staying home or celebrating with your loved ones virtually.


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  1. Write them a love/gratitude letter: You don’t need to physically present with your loved one to tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life. Appreciation and gratitude is never an overdose no matter how you give it. If you are not going to be with them physically, let them know how you feel about them in a special way at this time.
  2. Go to church today:  Because Valentine’s day in 2021 is on a Sunday. It’s a good time to attend church together especially if you have not been doing that. This depends on where you live. Here in Nigeria, we are allowed to go to church but you must be wearing a face mask.
  3. Make breakfast in bed: If the restaurants are closed down in your city, then your only option may be to make do with what you have. Plan to make a special meal for your loved one in a special way. Make their favourite meal and serve them in bed. This is a form of spoiling him/her telling them you don’t want them to stress themselves. They will remember the moment forever.
  4.  Plan a movie marathon at home: Make a selection of movies to watch with your loved one. After the meal and resting. The next activity is seeing a movie together. This is a good time to bond with your loved one.
  5. Take classes online and practice at home: Like massage and mixology classes. Then you can render your services at home on your loved one. Order what you will need online because you already have your first client. They will love it and it will be a memorable time for you both.
  6. Wear a matching outfit and lounge around together at home even if it’s virtual.
  7. Have a spa session at home.
  8. Cuddle in bed all day.
  9. Pop a bottle of wine and toast to the good days.
  10. Take a stroll with the kids.
  11. Visit a family or friend.
  12. Send them a gift. Here are our gift ideas for him and her

Don’t forget to always wear your facemask if you are stepping out of your home. That being said, these are some of the ways you can enjoy the valentine with your loved one while adhering to the Covid_19 safety guidelines.

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